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Getting your body moving

Deb Rondeau offers tips to challengers on getting back into the exercise habit.
Deb Rondeau

By Deb Rondeau

Hello Kin’s Green Fighters,

Did you know that a mere 30 minutes of exercise one day per week can reduce the incidence of obesity by 7 per cent? Moving was never a problem for me years ago, as evidenced by the track worn in my carpet between the couch and the fridge.

I lost 175 pounds the first year of my SureSlim program without any exercise at all. I looked much better and I felt better, but I could not walk very far and I certainly could not climb a flight of stairs. Because I had never exercised all the muscles in my body had atrophied. My body was craving to move and I finally decided to listen to my body. Three years later I am in amazing shape! I run up stairs, I walk for miles every day and I am doing things in the gym that I never would have believed possible!

I highly recommend that you incorporate exercise into your new living program. What is the point to lose weight and look good if you cannot move?!

I would like to share a few of my best practices that assisted me to snip the strings of yo-yo dieting.  Remember - small healthy changes over time will make a BIG difference!

Here are some tips on Moving Your Body:

  1. If you are not accustomed to exercising, start off slowly, but do start!
  2. Muscles are fat-burning machines and you need to put yours to work for you. It is not necessary to lift weights (although I have learned to love this so you may want to give it a try). Most fitness stores have a variety of resistance bands that you can use in the privacy of your home.
  3. I recommend using a trainer, at least in the beginning, so you learn the correct way to exercise. This will avoid injury.
  4. An exercise buddy will help keep you motivated and you can encourage each other to keep going.

If you would like to read more about exercise, go to and download a copy of my $29.97 eBook as my gift to you.

Good luck contestants!

And don’t forget….   it is NEVER too late to bring your “sexy” back!


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