Supporting your local Green Fighter

The Kin's Green Fighters are supporting the Canadian Cancer Society.

  • Feb 26, 2013

Learning to celebrate you

Deb Rondeau shares tips on how you can learn to appreciate yourself.

Eating your vegetables

Deb Rondeau shares a friend's grilled vegetable dish

Challengers start initial health and fitness testing

Some of the Kin's Green Fighters challengers underwent health and fitness testing before the start of the challenge.

  • Feb 18, 2013

Getting your body moving

Deb Rondeau offers tips to challengers on getting back into the exercise habit.

Introducing the Surrey challenger

Angie Bunnell is hoping the Kin's Green Fighters challenge will motivate her to continue working on getting healthier.

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A different take on pesto

Deb Rondeau shares her recipe for avocado pesto quinoa.

Combating What Would They Think

Deb Rondeau has some tips for challengers worried about how other people see them.

Making healthy changes starts with water

Getting enough water is one of the most important things to remember when dieting.

Making caesar salad just a bit healthier

Deb Rondeau presents her favourite healthy Caesar salad dressing.

A taste of Mexico with guacamole

Deb Rondeau shares her recipe for guacamole, a healthy alternative to mayo and other high-calorie spreads.

Chilled gazpacho soup makes for a delicious meal

Deb Rondeau offers challengers one of her great recipes.

Rondeau offers food tips to challengers

Surrey resident Deb Rondeau has a few ideas on eating a healthy diet.

Rondeau an inspiration to those looking to shed some pounds

Surrey resident Deb Rondeau lost 250 pounds and has maintained her weight loss for almost two years.

New year, new attitude

Beware – laziness and lack of motivation can scuttle your healthy resolutions

Grapes are food for thought

A study suggests that eating grapes could help prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

Natural spa treatments at home with fruits and vegetables

Fresh produce can be used for a variety of spa treatments at home.

Oranges tell you something about yourself

How you peel your orange says something about who you are.

Reducing your cancer risk one step at a time

The Canadian Cancer Society is encouraging people to change just one thing about their lives this year to prevent cancer.

Swinging into a new year

Jump Joint Swing offers 10-week Lindy Hop courses to get you into shape